Global PBL Academies

Kazakhstan Think Global PBL Academy
Almaty Kazakhstan
February 20, 21, 22, 23

Australia Think Global PBL Preceptor Coaching 

Catholic Education Diocese of Parramatta; CEDP

25 School Event

March 13-17


See where Think Global PBL Academy has impacted educators in the map below!


Muskogee Oklahoma

Spirit of OklahomaThink Global PBL Regional Academy

June 5,6,7


Austin Texas

Think Global PBL Heart of Texas Regional Academy

June 12,13,14

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Wisconsin Regional Think Global PBL Academy


Think Global PBL Leadership Academy

July 12,13,14

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Houston Regional Think Global PBL Academy


July 17,13,14

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Think Global PBL Academy


Think Global PBL Leadership Academy

August 2, 3, 4 

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Australia Think Global PBL Academy


August 7,8,9


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Project Based Learning is recognized as a deeper learning pedagogical approach of instruction to 21st century education.


Advanced Reasoning Global PBL Academies are advancing deeper learning and school redesign with ARIE’s team of expert PBL practitioners. ARIE’s team have taken their years of 100% PBL practical practitioner approach to deeper learning in 21st century education and are collaborating with educators all over the world to improve Education.


Advanced Reasoning Global PBL Academies have created and honed PBL professional development that no other PBL course has been able to match. ARIE’s trainers have actual, relevant, 100% PBL classroom experience. In fact, the classroom is our proving ground for testing innovative ways to engage students and rekindle the fire in teachers. We still hold true to those things that work, but if there is a way to do it better, we seek to find it and refine it.


If you are interested in stretching your deeper learning approach to include 21st Century skills, to improve the culture of your classroom or campus, and inspire students to want to learn, Advanced Reasoning Global PBL Academy can help you. If you are interested in attending or hosting an Advanced Reasoning Global PBL Academy contact us today.

Advanced Reasoning In Education Services are substantial, definable, and our efforts are reproducible.

About ARIE

At Advanced Reasoning In Education, we engage with you to empower Education Practitioners and students to redesign educational systems for deeper learning through innovation, creativity, collaboration, communication, and agency.

Advanced Reasoning in Education is being redesigned for the future of education. Changes arriving all the time!
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