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Think Global PBL Academy

Attend a 3 day PBL Project Design and Management Activity

Participants are launched into a challenge to create a classroom PBL project for their students that fosters inquiry, research, collaboration and presentation of learning based on state standards and objectives.

Participants discover how to craft a project rubric, map out the scaffolding necessary to assist students and the assessments needed to adjust instruction. The day ends with exploration of the entry event to launch and engage students in the project. 

Participants acquire tools to support student autonomy in learning and to successfully manage collaboration during a project. In the afternoon they will present their projects that have been crafted over the last two days to a panel of peers and trainers for constructive feedback, learning the expectations for student's presentations.


"I can't recall ever attending a workshop where I have gained so much in such a short time. I'm changing my teaching style for the better."

- Chuck Allison
"Learning about scaffolding through scaffolded teaching, Brilliant!"

- Carol Petersen
"The ARIE: ThinkGlobalPBL training helped my staff move our Project Based Learning program to the next level. Their deeper PBL process structures allowed my teachers to tightly connect the learning to standards and give our students voice and choice in their learning! It also helped unlock my staff's creativity to connect classroom learning to real world problems."

- Lisa Robertson, Principal Travis Heights Elementary


Our trainers have PBL classroom experience and can guide through your learning journey. Meet 4 of our 21 trainers.
Guaranteed to be one of the most interactive "hands on" training in eduction.

Steve Zipkes [ Founder ]


Stephanie Ehler [ Lead Trainer ]



Les Simpson [ Trainer ]



Stephanie Hart [ Trainer ]


3 Levels of Training


Project Design & Management Academy

A dynamic academy designed to train educators in the basic elements and best practices for designing and implementing Project Based Learning (PBL) in the classroom.

Advanced Academy

Designed for educators that have attended the Foundational Academy and have implemented projects in the classroom. Sessions take a deeper dive on designing and managing PBL in the classroom.

School Wide Scale Up Academy

Is your school ready to utilize PBL school wide? If so this training will assist school staff in collaborating to develop systems to scale up and support the use of PBL school wide.

Training Location

We are pleased to announce the opening of our new school and training site August 2016. If coming to our location is not possible for your group of educators we can come to your campus and train. Call us for more information.



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